Tiger Enclosure - It is almost ready !

Even the visitors have their own special new feature : a viewing window, perfect for tiger pics without mesh in the way !

The new forever home of Rhino and Lion nature reserve's tigers is ready to welcome its inhabitants. The enclosure is spacious and built especially for tigers, with a large water feature to accomodate the water loving big cats. A waterfall feeds a little lake that opens on a water stream running all the way from the top to the bottom of the enclosure. The place has also been furnished with a sturdy multi-level platform that can be compared to a giant cat tree. And final touch, trees and bamboos have been planted at strategic positions to provide much needed shade during hot summer days.

By building an enclosure to fit one species in particular, we naturally include all important aspects of their natural environment, giving the animals the best living conditions possible in captivity. It is the first step towards good animal welfare.

And now that the first new enclosure is finished, all eyes are turned to the next project : this half-demolished old building below. Stay tuned for more !

Tiger Enclosure - Wk 39 & 40

A double gate system is installed for extra security, a must have when housing big cats.

The new tiger enclosure is slowly coming together. The fence is up, the water feature almost done and the construction of the nightrooms has begun.

The facility also erected new signage following their September announcement regarding cub petting. As promised, all interaction has been stopped. Well done Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve !

Tiger Enclosure - Wk 38

27th September 2019

The team at work

The new tiger enclosure construction started, here are a few pics of the team at work.

Our new home is already under construction !

September 2019

The new tiger enclosure is under construction, stay tuned for more information !

We will be sharing the development as it happens.