African Zoos and Aquariums are evolving before our very eyes. As an industry we are always asked: "So what has changed?" There are a multitude of pictures and documentaries out there showing the 'before' and 'after' but this platform serves to show the untold stories of the challenging road from the 'before' to the 'after'.

Through this dedicated website, we aim to bring you the good, the bad, the oopsies, the disasters, the successes of the behind the scenes' trials and difficulties confronting facilities as they continually evolve. This is not about the facilities that have achieved the prestige of Operational Accreditation (these can be viewed at, but those who have embarked on the difficult road to present day best practice and animal welfare which is encompassed in the PAAZA Operational Accreditation process.

Follow the journey of the dedicated animal carers of African Zoos and Aquariums on their journey as they try their very best to improve the lives of the animals placed in their care through incredibly creative projects.

All facilities featured subscribe to the PAAZA Code of Professional Ethics, the Operational Accreditation process and abide by the Constitution of the Association.


African Zoos and Aquariums are involved in numerous conservation projects, linking in-situ and ex-situ to create better conservation opportunities. Below is a short list of a few projects currently underway.
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Wild Republic

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... with a special message !

Roasted for

The Mastertons & PAAZA coffee range that supports conservation towards endangered African species


Live feed cameras have been placed at feeding sites for remote monitoring of wild vulture populations


Ready to save our oceans ? Let's start with marine turtles !

Evolving PAAZA - Outcomes from the 2022 & 2023 Conference

The slogan for PAAZA Conference 2022 ‘We are Stronger Together’ was an incredible success. It provided open and positive discussions with amazing outcomes for the new PAAZA strategic plan which needs to address the future Zoo and Aquarium sub-sector in an evolving world.

It was unanimous that neither Zoos and Aquaria nor PAAZA could remain as they are or “get back to the old normal”. Added to this sentiment was the fact that Zoos and Aquaria are important entities of any community and that they most definitely have a place in the evolving world.

Discussions at the conference led to the below documents. If you would like to know more, please feel free to download them.

Discussion & Consultative Process outcomes

Discussion sessions : Challenges & Opportunities during the COVID pandemic and PAAZA Strategic Planning Session

African Evolving Zoos & Aquaria Program (AEZAP)

The biggest ‘tool’ available to PAAZA right now to uplift African facilities, is the WAZA 2023 Welfare Assessment goal through the PAAZA assessment and accreditation processes combined with the WAZA Welfare Strategy

Corporate Strategy

The world has evolved and the Wildlife sub-sector needs to evolve : how do we do this ?

PAAZA Podcast

What better way to advertise what we do to the general public ? It is a fantastic tool to showcase all the conservation work zoos and aquariums accomplish on a daily basis.

PAAZA facilities evolving

As all facilities strive to meet the WAZA 2023 welfare requirement and the PAAZA Operational Accreditation criteria as adopted May 2019, we will be bringing you more incredible stories of evolving Zoos and Aquaria from Africa.


The Operational Accreditation evaluation model is focused on animal welfare and encompasses the Five Domains model as well as regional specific legislative requirements.

The WAZA 2023 goal regarding Animal Welfare states :

"By 2023,
1. WAZA National and Regional Associations must have an animal welfare evaluation process in place and such a process must include specific elements approved by WAZA.
2. All WAZA institutional members must be compliant with this process."

PAAZA meets the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums'
Animal Welfare Goal

PAAZA was proud to have received the award for having completed the review process mandated by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) through the WAZA 2023 Animal Welfare Goal at the WAZA 2023 Conference. This prestige was received alongside five other regional associations.

Latest news from PAAZA

Watch the last progress made on the different projects. Click on the pics for more info !

New Conservation Projects to be presented at WAZA 2023

Roasted for Conservation, the new coffee brand by PAAZA and Mastertons, and Knowledge is Conservation, the partnership between PAAZA and Wild Republic !

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Exciting changes over the next couple of months in UWEC-Entebbe zoo! UWEC shall remain OPEN and opening hours will be unaffected

The works include grading and tarmacking the parking, building an elephant holding and water feature, a wild dog exhibit, a new bird aviary, a new giraffe enclosure, a new boma, putting pavers in the roads/trails and expanding the chimpanzee island, the hospital and the office.

The "Born in Africa" factor :
PAAZA's involvement

PAAZA (Pan-African Association of Zoos and Aquaria) is the African Regional Association responsible to WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums). PAAZA is providing support to all African Animal Facilities that would like to evolve in their practices and their infrastructures.

What is PAAZA ?

PAAZA is the Pan-African Association of Zoos and Aquaria. Its mission is to guide and accredit all African Zoos and Aquaria to become effective and credible centres of animal welfare, conservation, education and research.

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By encouraging the use of new techniques and technologies and providing specialized animal keeper courses, PAAZA is helping animal care staff to develop their skills.

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Operational Accreditation

Amongst PAAZA members, each animal facility undergoes an accreditation process to assess wether animals are properly cared for, in accordance with WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums) welfare guidelines and the Five Domains Model.

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How did PAAZA change the life of these people and their animals ? Learn all about it here !

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